November 2018

NHL 17 is getting a patch

It's true NHL 17 will get a patch. There's not a set date right now but hopefully it's coming before or at release.

While it is one of the longest patch notes I've seen for an NHL game it's mostly minor things but I've picked out a few interesting ones.

•Allow for a human controlled goalies to play as the extra attacker in EASHL games. 

•Added “Online Pass Assist Percentage” slider to the controls screen. 

oDefaults to 100% which is the online default, from there the user can move the slider down to have less Pass Assist 

•Room Leader “Captain icon” to remain persistent from Dressing Room to Side Select. 

And there's alot more at EA forums: patch notes

There's is one thing missing though. The freeze bug in EASHL isn't mentioned at all. 

But get this from a developer.

EA_NHLDevs wrote:... From our testing, the EASHL freeze on load has been fixed as well in this patch.

I guess it showed up in their testing before releasing the beta and the game going gold. Else this means nothing.